B.C. forests killed by pine-beetles, a result of climate change, were
pumping out large amounts of carbon dioxide, which causes more climate
change. Increased droughts in the U.S. (also caused by climate change)
could trigger 'water wars' according to Canadian and American experts. Federal Finance Minister Jim Flaherty said the next budget would be balanced despite lower growth projections. Ontario Premier Dalton McGuinty mulled launching an investigation into the failed Baltovich prosecution, and a Mexican official defended the prosecution and guilty verdict of Brenda Martin.

Clinton and Obama continued their protracted fight for the Democratic nomination, and some small fights broke out at Olympic torch protests in Australia. Syria said that Israel was ready to return the Golan Heights, and Zimbabwe's ruling party said it might consider forming a joint government. The food crisis, which yesterday hit World Vision, was affecting Wal-Mart and Costco, and pirates were enticed by booming business on the high seas.

Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes spent tens of thousands of dollars on their daughter Suri's second birthday party. Janet Jackson showed some love for Alicia Keys, Lindsay Lohan showed the opposite for Ashley Olsen, and Star Jones filed for divorce. Nicole Kidman urged world leaders and people of all nations to join the global fight to end violence against women.

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