The Sea Shepherd Conservation Society said it would ignore charges laid against them, and a teen was arrested in connection with Halifax's first homicide of the year. Plans to conserve power were going to be presented, as was a five year transit strategy.

Prime Minister Stephen Harper said he would start selling the mission in Afghanistan differently, and the Liberals confirmed their plans to sell a green mortgages plan in the next federal election. A large fire spared some military archives, and British bobbies were flooding into Alberta.

Protests of China's human rights record, this time in London, turned aggressive, and the situation in Zimbabwe was looking increasingly violent. Charlton Heston, the "Moses of gun rights," was remembered in death by friends and supporters.


The CRTC and broadcasters were set to make critical decisions about the future of Canadian television, and Bell and Rogers were facing criticism over internet "traffic-shaping" policies which limit internet speeds for their customers.

Feist cleaned up at the Juno awards in Calgary, Beyoncé Knowles and Jay-Z were married in New York, and auditions began for So You Think You Can Dance Canada in Vancouver.

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