Beer was still the number one drink of choice for Canadians in terms of both volume and dollar value, but its share continued to decline as wine's share grew.

The latest Canadian solider to die in Afghanistan was remembered as a natural combat leader who was fearless under fire, and two police officers suffered serious burns in an explosion and fire after a standoff at a home in eastern Ontario.

A House of Commons committee was set to open highly politicized hearings into the
Maxime Bernier affair
Tuesday, hearing first from the RCMP and a
security consultant. The minister resigned in disgrace last
month after it was revealed he had left sensitive government documents
at the home of his former girlfriend for five weeks. Meanwhile, many Liberals sat out as the Conservative government passed controversial changes to Canada's immigration act. Conservatives say the measures are needed to speed up the migration of critically needed labour into Canada, but critics argue the measures put too much discretionary power in the hands of the
minister, reduce transparency and leave the system open to abuse.


In Myanmar, UN helicopters delivered food and other emergency supplies to some of the hardest hit villages struggling to survive since the country's devastating cyclone, and an earthquake-formed lake in China continued to swell despite soldiers' efforts to speed its drainage by blasting boulders with dynamite and anti-tank weapons. The lake could flood more than 1.3 million people downstream if the water flow is not controlled.

A new poll suggested that choosing Hillary Clinton as his running mate could have mixed results for Barack Obama. While Clinton is liked by many Democrats including some groups Obama struggles with, she is strongly disliked by some independents and Republicans, who may be more likely to support McCain with Clinton on the Democratic ticket. Protests took place in Pakistan because the new government has thus far failed to restore judges sacked by President Pervez Musharraf as promised. The judges have not been restored because the main ruling party and the party of President Musharraf have not been able to agree on mechanics.

The Japanese government sought to impose tighter controls over large knives after a man went on a grisly stabbing spree in Tokyo, killing seven and wounding 10.

Sloan carefully avoided opening themselves up to accusations of "going through a Zeppelin stage," and some of Bob Dylan's paintings went on display in central London. George Michael was reportedly trying to stop the creation of big screen movie about Wham!, and Rick McGinnis reviewed a number of today's new DVD releases. Italy suffered a 3-0 upset at the hands of an inspired Netherlands at the European Championship.

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