CANADA: Prime Minister Stephen Harper painted himself as a "true nationalist" on Tuesday as he and other federal leaders took part in annual Fete Nationale celebrations. Atlantic Canadian men who work in Alberta's oilsands for 20 days at a time and live in work camps on the outskirts of Fort McMurray are dealing with the repercussions in their family life. But how to resist the siren call of the Alberta boom, illustrated in more rosy government figures?

The unsolved case of dog poisonings in a landmark Toronto park took a decidedly bizarre and sinister twist Tuesday after police detailed
eyewitness reports of dead raccoons in the area posed in disturbing
ways, including one with a bouquet of flowers placed in its
outstretched paws.

A soldier who squeezed his infant triplets so hard he broke their bones 19 times has been sentenced to 18 months of house arrest and ordered to undergo psychological treatment, and a the prosecutor in the case of a Nova Scotia woman accused of killing her 12-year-old daughter has a 'voluminous' amount of evidence to sift through.


WORLD: Former president Bill Clinton said through a spokesman Tuesday that he is committed to helping Barack Obama become president while his wife, Hillary Clinton, made her first appearance in the Senate since the end of her failed presidential bid -- on a day when a major foreclosure rescue bill was passed.

Six Romanians have been arrested on charges of looting goods from the back of a tractor-trailer as they followed it down a German autobahn at 100 kilometres an hour, scientists are assessing how to best develop Tangjiashan lake, China's infamous 'quake lake', into a major tourist attraction and Israel closed a vital Gaza border crossing after Palestinian militants fired rockets into the country's south, threatening a days-old truce.

ENTERTAINMENT: James McAvoy detailed his transformation from a wiry romance movie heartthrob to action beefcake for his new movie Wanted, and Pixar's Wall-E continues Hollywood's exploration of an era when the machines we create reach consciousness... but will they be our friends?

SPORTS: Housecleaning has begun in earnest for the troubled Toronto Maple Leafs as Kyle Wellwood and Andrew Raycroft were put on waivers by the club yesterday, perhaps with an eye to some of the big names looking to test the NHL free agent waters. Speaking of big names, Tiger Woods had reconstructive surgery on his left knee Tuesday in Utah to repair a torn ligament, and doctors said it was "highly unlikely" there would be any long-term effects.

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