Opposition MPs raised fresh concerns about national security upon discovering that the ex-girlfriend of Maxime Bernier once dated a man linked to the Mafia. Prime Minister Stephen Harper maintained that there is no security issue. Francis Proulx, the man accused of killing a Quebec political aide, was also charged with necrophilia and sexual assault, and a 40-year-old mechanic was found guilty of the second-degree murder of a prostitute in Edmonton. A leader of the B.C. polygamist community of Bountiful accused the provincial government of religious persecution. A 32-year-old Canadian platoon leader named Capt. Richard (Steve) Leary was killed Tuesday in a prolonged firefight with Taliban militants west of Kandahar.

Barack Obama credibly declared victory in the race for the Democratic presidential nomination, making history as the first black U.S. presidential nominee. Hillary Clinton, referred to by Obama as an inspiration to millions, refused to concede defeat but did leave open the possibility of joining Obama as his running mate. The same American general who lead the ground invasion of Iraq took command of the NATO campaign in Afghanistan, and Prince William began a two-month stint in the British Royal Navy. United Nations Secretary General Ban told a UN food conference that global food production must rise by 50 per cent by 2030.

Canada's Walk of Fame got new inductees, and new testimony was given at R. Kelly's child pornography trial. Sandy Caetano recapped the first night of Canadian Idol, and Rick McGinnis took a serious look at Adam Sandler's new movie, something he fully admits is an unlikely thing to do.

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