Stephen Harper still isn't taking action in the Mulroney-Schreiber affair after promising a public inquiry six months ago, while Public Safety Minister Stockwell Day won't be taking action on the Bernier-Couillard relationship, saying there is no need to run security checks on cabinet ministers' spouses or partners despite concerns regarding Couillard's bikers ties. Stéphane Dion has been warned by the Liberal party's pollster that a carbon tax could be a tough sell to voters in an election while New Brunswick's municipal elections are garnering attention for being the first in Canada to use electronic tabulation machines. An Ontario man whose goal was to win enough money to put his granddaughter through school returned home from a Barcelona poker tournament with $1 million.

The U.S. launched its first relief airlift to Myanmar after negotiations with the country's isolationist junta, which considers the U.S. an enemy and has restricted international aid, while a Red Cross boat carrying rice and drinking water to disaster victims sank. In the U.S. tornadoes and storms have killed at least 21 people in three states while in China an earthquake killed four students and injured 100 more after toppling two primary schools. A prisoner in New Zealand has escaped via the old-fashioned rope-of-knotted-bedsheets-tossed-over-the-prison-wall method.


Apple has settled a couple of lawsuits regarding iPod battery life, Sarah Jessica Parker had to beg the Smithsonian for her Apple laptop back, and online Strombo is the apple of eyes around the world.