Stephen Harper's 20-year plan to spend $30 billion on the military was criticized for lacking detail and being behind schedule. Amendments to Canada's immigration legislation were criticized as well, the Canadian Bar Association calling them "a major step backwards in the evolution of Canadian immigration law." In Windsor, General Motors will be closing its doors on 1,400 employees in 2010 when they will stop producing the parts made at the plant, while in Vancouver the chairman of Taser International told an inquiry stun guns are not risk-free but that they are generally safe. Meanwhile, a coroner's report shows a blood clot, not an infectious disease, was the cause of death for the South African woman who died on a VIA train.



In China, rescue workers have begun digging through rubble in an attempt to save buried earthquake victims, while in Myanmar less than a quarter of victims' needs are being met 10 days after the cyclone hit. Myanmar has agreed to accept more American aid. In Sadr City, a ceasefire has been signed after weeks of fighting that have left hundreds dead, and in the States Clinton is still vying for votes while Obama has turned his focus to beating McCain.



Chris Atchison thinks men can learn from Sex and the City's bare-all dialogue, Hugh Heffner thinks men would love to see Miley Cyrus bare-all in Playboy (in three years, of course, when she's no longer a child), and Adam Chromy thinks no man, woman or beast could bear these box-office bombs.