Canada and the U.S. are no better than al-Qaeda
when it comes to their handling of Omar Khadr, a young Canadian held at Guantanamo Bay, says Liberal senator Romeo Dellaire. He says the two countries have flouted human rights and that Canada should be bending over backward to bring Khadr home. A mother living in a B.C. polygamist community is working to bring her daughter home from Texas where the teen was apprehended by U.S. child-welfare authorities last month. Finance Minister Jim Flaherty says he was unaware government rules were broken when his former chief of staff handed a Conservative an untendered contract to write the 2007 budget speech. The Ontario Human Rights Commission has confirmed attacks on Asian fishermen were racially motivated, and police say harassment is still taking place despite efforts to curb racial profiling. In Edmonton, a fiery crash involving an off-duty policeman has raised questions as to whether police should be allowed to stay on the job if they are convicted of impaired driving. The officer has been charged with impaired driving causing bodily harm.

In China, 50,000 troops were quick to provide disaster relief to their country, where the earthquake death toll has topped 12,000, and American military pilots who flew aid into Myanmar received a hero's welcome. In India an apparent terrorist bombing has killed 60 people and injured 150 more. Hillary Clinton won by a landslide in West Virginia but will still have to move heaven and Earth in order to beat Obama, while things from another world may have touched down in England in 1984, according to UFO reports released by Britain's National Archives.


Cynthia Nixon plans to tie the knot with her partner, calling gay weddings "rebellious," Charlize Theron is fit to be tied when it comes to film fans, saying all they want is "fluff," and Rick McGinnis lets us know which shows are being handed a noose after this "dispiriting" season of television.

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