The sudden resignation of Foreign Affairs Minister Maxime Bernier is the result of a security breach – not his previous involvement with Julie Couillard, a woman with biker ties – says Stephen Harper. Bernier has admitted to leaving classified documents in Couillard's apartment, which Harper insists is the only reason for Bernier stepping down. Harper was only able to speak briefly on the resignation before jetting off on a whirlwind trip to Europe with the aim to win over leaders opposed to the Conservative government's climate change agenda. The trip is being criticized by environmentalists who say the 72-hour tour will produce at least 400 tonnes of CO2 emissions – as much as 100 cars do in a year – and that Canada has lost its credibility on the issue since last year's UN conference in Bali. Earlier Harper expressed support for a bill that would recognize the Ukrainian famine – brought about by Soviet dictator Joseph Stalin in the 1930s – as an act of genocide. In Quebec a police officer told the trial of a man alleged to have killed a cop that officers clearly identified themselves when they stormed into the man's home, while in Edmonton a man was sentenced to four months of weekend jail for making telephone threats to Alberta Premier Ed Stelmech.

China is dealing with backed-up rivers and reservoirs feared to be on the brink of collapse and threatening to flood already devastated areas of the country. Meanwhile, as an exception to China's one-child policy, parents whose only child was killed or maimed in the earthquake will be permitted to have another child, officials said. In South Africa, a wave of violence that left 56 people dead has subsided according to the safety and security minister and in Iowa six people are dead and towns are part ruined following a tornado Sunday afternoon. In Lebanon, Hezbollah's leader has warned the government not to use military force a day after Lebanon's new president was elected. In Rome, Italy, an American tourist has been killed by a train after being drugged and robbed and stumbling onto the tracks.

Friends begged Courtney Love not to have a baby, a baby boutique has gone public with Tom and Katie's purchases, Nicole Richie has won an award for being a good mom and shamed mother Britney Spears has found a new beau. Meanwhile, Rick McGinnis disagrees that Republican John McCain laid an egg on SNL.