Metro Snapshot: May 6, 2008

New Kids on the Block Fans are tickled pink, Hillary's looking through rose-coloured glasses, the tree-killing pine beetle's getting the pink slip, and the industry minister pinky-swears the 500 duck deaths will not go unpunished (well, he promises at least). <strong>To find out more, <a href="">read the Metro Snapshot</a>.</strong>


Alberta is spending $55 million to eradicate the mountain pine beetle causing the death of western forests and Industry Minister Jim Prentice has promised punishment for the oilsands plant that caused the death of 500 ducks. The median family income is on the rise and so is provincial funding for disaster readiness - Ottawa is giving $5 million to the provinces and territories to ensure they can respond if disaster strikes.



Myanmar's ruling junta is appealing for disaster relief as a cabinet minister warned more than 10,000 people may have died in this weekend's cyclone. Authorities say the cell an Austrian man used to hide and abuse his daughter could have been built as early as 1978 when his daughter was just 12. Hillary Clinton is bursting into Indiana, promising to save American jobs and vowing to take on China.


The Jays blow away the White Sox in a four game sweep, New Kids on the Block blow fans away by announcing a comeback tour, and Jessica Simpson says she looked like a blowfish after regretted cosmetic lip work.

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