A poll suggests most Canadians would like to deter people from polluting the air through implementation of a carbon tax while the Harper government plans to deter people from polluting their lungs with illegal smokes by cracking down on the contraband cigarette industry. In Halifax, people welcomed the return of the HMCS Charlottetown warship following a six-month tour of the Persian gulf, while the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society demanded the release of the Farley Mowat anti-sealing ship following its April 12th seizure by the RCMP. The group is vowing to bill Canada $1,000 for every day the ship is held.


In China, the Olympic torch reached the top of Mount Everest while in Myanmar people tried to reach dry ground using makeshift boats as the death toll climbed to an estimated 100,000. Israel proudly celebrates its 60th anniversary while feeling uncertain about the future and Hillary Clinton's future in the Whitehouse is uncertain after celebrating only a narrow victory in Indiana. The British government plans to increase punishment for marijuana use by raising the maximum prison time from two years to five.



Leafs coach Paul Maurice gets the axe for losing too many games, American Idol's Jason Castro gets the axe for forgetting too many words, and Miley Cyrus is fading away after revealing too much skin.