Stephen Harper stood up for Israel, saying Canada has consistently supported and will continue to support the state, and receieved a standing ovation from a crowd of 7,000. He also stood up for Foreign Affairs Minister Maxime Bernier, whose ex-girlfriend has ties to the Hells Angels, by dismissing security concerns. The federal government announced a $5 million grant to create educational programs commemorating the Chinese head tax and other prejudicial immigration policies. At Guantanamo Bay, a U.S. military judge threatened to suspend the war-crimes trial of Omar Khadr because the government has failed to provide necessary documents, while in Vancouver an inquiry heard the police Taser training manual fails to provide specific details as to when a Taser should be used.


The UN is suspending aid shipments to Myanmar because the ruling military junta has confiscated all the food aid and equipment the World Food Program has sent so far. In Lebanon, 11 people are dead after street battles broke out in Beirut. The Austrian man who held his daughter and her children captive in a dungeon claims he was a caring father because he brought them toys and books, though he admits he knew he was doing something wrong. The Olympic torch reached new heights while the level of debate between Obama and McCain lowered a notch.


The Barenaked Ladies put out a kids album, and Star Jones is not kidding around with Barbara Walters. We reviewed The Stone Angel, Speed Racer, Son of Rambow, Redbelt, The Babysitters, My Blueberry Nights, and What Happens in Vegas.