Construction on the city’s new bus terminal should start by the end of May, a Metro Transit spokeswoman said yesterday.

“It is proceeding,” Lori Patterson said of the city’s plan to expand the existing Dartmouth Bridge Terminal. “It’s a very important terminal … because it’s the one where all of the transit routes connect from Dartmouth.”

It serves up to 18 routes and more than 17,000 passengers each work day, according to HRM’s website. But it “can no longer accommodate the swell in transit demands,” adding the new terminal should be ready by this fall.


“The expansion’s going to allow us, because our service has grown so much, to make it more accessible,” Patterson said, adding it has to be near the Angus L. Macdonald Bridge.

The growth takes into account the Dartmouth Mainland Common Plan.

Gloria McCluskey, city councillor for Dartmouth Centre, said the new bus terminal is needed, but also suggested there hasn’t been enough public consultation.

Patterson said the plan was approved in HRM’s budget two years ago, although she couldn’t pinpoint how much.

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