It was all systems go for Metro Transit yesterday.

Buses and harbour ferries maintained regular service throughout hurricane Bill, although Route 9 was shortened because of the municipality’s closing of Point Pleasant Park, while Route 60 had to re-route because of water swells on the end of Cow Bay Road.

“We didn’t lose ferry service. We didn’t lose transit service,” said Halifax Regional Municipality spokesperson Shaune MacKinlay. “The ferries, at one point when the weather was particularly bad, there was a question of whether or not they would continue to run, and they left that up to the ferry captain to determine based upon their own expertise, and they kept the ferry service (running).”


Hurricane Bill lashed out hardest at HRM in the early part of the afternoon. MacKinlay said “they were definitely contemplating at one point curtailing ferry service” between Halifax and Dartmouth, but it didn’t happen.

“We were fortunate in that the most intense weather was short lived,” she said. “They maintained it during that and then they saw the weather ease up a bit, so they were able to keep it running.”

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