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We wrote about it this weekend, but the Newtering of Speaker Gingrich shows no signs of slowing as establishment Republicans — that is, the very group in which Mr. Gingrich can rightly claim to squarely belong — rush to prevent his most recent surge. There is now, however, one significant update: His cavalry have arrived.

Sarah Palin — remember her? — was back Friday with a scathing take-down of the lamestream media, “Cannibals in GOP?Establishment Employ Tactics of the Left,” in which the down-home diva lamented Republicans’ co-option of such allegedly liberal strategies as “singl[ing] someone out and destroy[ing] his or her record” and “using the media,” neither of which anyone on the right has ever purposefully employed, we’re sure.

Disregarding the oozing hypocrisy of someone employed by Fox News questioning use of the media; ignoring the fact that Palin here frames the idea of judging candidates based on their governing records as some sort of liberal crime; and seeing as there is very little chance that she actually authored this extremist screed herself — wait, actually, we really aren’t able to do any of those things.

Gingrich also received some support from another right-wing icon, pizzaman Herman Cain, who over the weekend threw his weight behind the maligned candidate. This marks what could be interpreted as Cain’s third endorsement of the season: The “unconventional” first was declared for “the people” in an embarrassing media stunt; the second for himself, despite having dropped out, owing to his participation in a bit of electoral parody at Stephen Colbert’s “Rock Me Like a Herman Cain South Cain-olina Primary Rally”; and now this.


Something tells us Gingrich is going to have to do better.

Out with the old, in with the news

“Some of the articles, some of the attacks on me, have been breathtakingly dishonest. And I think as that deepens, the conservatives are going to come together and decide they do not want a Massachusetts liberal to be the Republican nominee.”

Gingrich, Sunday on ABC News. This claim — that Romney and the GOP?establishment are so scared of a Gingrich candidacy that they’ve been resorting to lies — is, of course, true. What’s untrue is the implication that Gingrich eschews this sort of political game. here, he uses the L-word to smear former mass. gov. Romney, who in reality is mind-numbingly conservative, despite the current media narrative.

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