In a surprise move, President Obama and his Republican rival for the office, Mitt Romney, agreed last week: They both, apparently, support an extension of the freeze on student loan interest rates, which are scheduled to double from 3.4 percent to 6.8 percent on July 1 barring an act of Congress.


In a completely unsurprising move, this alleged agreement has now developed into an election battle. House Republicans, perhaps sensing blood in the water, decided to go ahead and pass the rate freeze despite championing a budget proposal to do away with it and many other similar programs. But here's the rub: To pay for it, they want to do away with Obamacare's $10 billion prevention and public health fund -- which Speaker John Boehner refers to disdainfully as Obama's "slush fund."


The president has promised to veto this resolution, which also should not surprise anyone. The Republican plan does, after all, present Obama with a distasteful pair of choices: To "compromise" and pass the law, thereby handing the GOP what they've really wanted all along, defeat of his signature health care law, at least in part; or fight and face attacks from the right over the issue.


Obama seems intent on the latter.


About time, really.


Of course, there's spin from Dems, too, who claim their rivals' proposals to cut the health fund amount to another skirmish in the "war on women." It does seem that way, but we know it for it really is: just another front in the ongoing war on Obama.

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