Every weekday we bring you the video you have to see, whether it's from a news story, an embarrassing celebrity incident, or just a clip that has everyone talking. Here's an archive of the videos we've featured in the past. If you want to tip us off about a video that fits the bill, send us an email.


March 31, 2008: ruben is in the lead



April 1, 2008: Darth Vader being a jerk
April 2, 2008: Flying Penguins on BBC Documentary
April 22, 2008: Tricia Walsh Smith Divorce Rant (since removed)
April 23, 2008: Thank you Pennsylvania! (Clinton speech)
April 24, 2008: BARACKY: THE MOVIE
April 25, 2008: American Idol David Cook 4/22/08
April 28, 2008: Stand Up Tragedy X (TTC strike analysis)
April 29, 2008: Lost Generation
April 30, 2008: Grand Theft Auto 4 Video Review


May 1, 2008: Canadiens @ Flyers Game 4 - Canadiens 2 goals
May 2, 2008: Paula Abdul is, at best, "confused"
May 5, 2008: Barack Obama: Closing Arguments
May 6, 2008: Baby Toss Ritual
May 7, 2008: Steve Shrout on the Pink Metro on Breakfast Television