Much like a nice slice of Alberta beef, local mixed martial arts promotion Maximum Fighting Championship (MFC), is a cut above the rest according to CEO Mark Pavelich.

“People in Edmonton are very smart when it comes to MMA,” Pavelich said at the MFC 25 weigh-ins on Thursday.

“People in Edmonton know the difference between eating prime steak from Alberta and eating a steak from the States. There’s a big difference. Alberta beef is the best.”

Pavelich said, like Alberta beef, the MFC is by far the best fight promotion in the country and he has plans for expansion.

“When we built the organization our vision was not to build it and sell it, our vision was to build it and expand and that’s what we’re doing right now,” he said. “When the Maximum Fighting Championship goes out of our marketplace, we’ll be the only show in the country to do that and be successful.”

Pavelich said the MFC 25 card could go a long way in cementing the organization’s reputation as tops in the country.

“I’m always excited about every show I put on,” he said. “I don’t want to over hype the show but on paper, MFC 25 looks unbelievable.”

Eighteen fighters, including big names like Thales Leites and Jesse Taylor — who will battle it out in the main event — are ready to compete on Friday night at the Northlands Expo Centre.

This marks Taylor’s second visit to the capital city for a fight. The former Ultimate Fighter reality show contestant said training has gone well and he’s ready to get it on.

“It’s a good crowd, they seem to like me here,” Taylor said after the weigh-ins. “I feel good.

Hopefully I can make it exciting and kick his (Leites’) ass and they’ll keep cheering for me.”

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