Michael Jackson’s body has finally been laid to rest, sources tell the Daily Mirror. His burial took place with no fanfare at the Forest Lawn Memorial Cemetery in the Hollywood Hills, and his family wants to keep the location of the grave a secret.

“Other than the Jackson family and the management at Forest Lawn, no one knows the exact spot,” a source told the paper. “Staff at the cemetery have been fed several different locations. It’s as if they are hoping to confuse everyone so it can’t leak out.”

As well, despite a tabloid report saying otherwise, longtime friend Mark Lester is not the father of Jackson’s daughter Paris, nor is he claiming paternity, sources tell People.

Jackson family attorney Londell McMillan adds that the story is an unproven and meaningless claim, and the probate court has no reason to doubt the late star is father to all three kids.

“These are just merely claims with no legal standing whatsoever,” McMillan told People.

One source says while Lester did donate sperm, the timing doesn’t line up for that sperm to have been used to conceive Paris.