Michael Nolan’s Facebook profile says he attends the University of Lethbridge, is single, is just looking to network and for friendship, but until last week, no one knew who he was.

He may have more friends then many U of L students, yet he is not even a real student but rather the star of the Student Union’s clever campaign to raise money for student scholarships.

“It created a little bit of mystery and a little bit of buzz,” said Jeremy Girard, President of the Students’ Union at the U of L.


Michael Nolan is actually a car, a 1984 BMW 325e to be exact and has be generously donated by the U of L President, Bill Cade.

The identity of the mysterious Michael Nolan was finally unveiled to the student body on Feb. 22, after months of students, administrators and community members wondering who he was.

The Students’ Union will be raffling off the car in hopes of raising about $10,000 towards student scholarships, with no specific scholarship details yet to release.

“We are going to be putting the money directly back to students,” said Girard.

Girard commends Cade’s initiative and drive towards supporting the financial needs of students and hopes it has inspired other community members to do so.

“It is a great thing that President Cade has done here,” said Girard.

Cade purchased the car brand new and named it after a distant family member, who was instrumental in his mother’s life and his education.

“That car is kinda special to me,” said Cade.

Since Nolan was so influential in Cade’s post-secondary education, it only made sense for Cade to pay it forward and let the Nolan name assist in someone else’s educational career.

“I want to support students, I want to support their abilities to go to university,” said Cade.

Cade has been contacted from people as far Texas with interest in purchasing tickets for this raffle but unfortunately they are only available at the U of L Student Union’s office.

Nolan will have a new home, or more like garage on April 16, when the Student Union makes the draw for this gently used vehicle.

Tickets are $5 each or three for $12 and there are only about 2,300 tickets up for sale.

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