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Michele Bachmann's Newsweek cover: Is that just her face?

Is that Michele Bachmann giving you an evil blank stare from across the sidewalk? No need to be alarmed. That's just her cover shot on Newsweek.

We've all been there. A friend tags you in the most unflattering, embarrassing photo ever taken, and suddenly you're asking yourself, "My God, do I really look like that?!"

We're guessing that's how Michele Bachmann is feeling now that her cover shot on Newsweek has hit the stands. Unfortunately though, Bachmann can't call up Newsweek to say, "Dude! Take down that pic immediately."

Bachmann is shown in a wide-eyed stare beneath the headline, "The Queen of Rage." There is no de-tagging this one.

Whether you agree with her politics or not, there's really no question that this cover is turning a lot of heads and raising a lot of eyebrows. Will it hurt her campaign? Time will tell.

For now, we're just trying to imagine what went on at the photo shoot to provoke this bizarre deer-in-the-headlights look. Assuming this is an actual photo of Bachmann and not a wax figure, we can only assume it went something like this...

Newsweek photographer: "The camera loves you! Give me pouty. There it is, perfect! Now, show me angry! Grrrr.... so angry. Beautiful, beautiful! Ok... now give me PSYCHO! Yes! Perfect! You're a natural."

And, because it is the way of the Internet, Bachmann's eyes have already become a meme. Check out Buzzfeed's hilarious list of Hot Chicks with Michele Bachmann Eyes.

See? Hilarious.

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