Mick E. Fynn’s has casual, relaxed vibe

Mick E. Fynn’s


45 Carlton St.




Ambience: University students of Toronto, unite and head to Mick E. Fynn’s for a beer! — this is probably your kind of place. Or at least it’s casual enough with some good tunes, weekly karaoke and regular prize draws to keep most discriminating college-age crowds happy. Did we mention pool, pull hockey and foosball to entertain you when you’ve blown your beer allowance and the opposite sex isn’t biting? Fynn’s is a bit of a gruff pub/bar, but it gets the job done, especially on Thursday nights when the place typically fills with Ryerson tuition-payers.


Crowd: Generally pretty young with a mix of neighbourhood regulars to mellow things out a bit. They’re all relaxed and very casual, making this one of downtown’s most non-pretentious haunts.

Dress code: Free apparel from beer cases, university garb or anything that’s well-worn in a Bruce Springsteen-on-the-cover-of Born-In-The-U.S.A kind of way.

Should I dance on the bar?: It’s almost a sure bet that on special occasions, management would approve.

Will I get lucky?: If the students are rockin’, you best come a knockin’. That is if you’re a relatively young student yourself. Otherwise you may just look really creepy.

Best accessory to avoid: Haute couture. .

Cocktail du jour: Whatever’s on special — failing that, beer. Fynn’s offers a straight up selection of beverages with few surprises, making your choice of poison much simpler.

Hours: 11 a.m. to 2 a.m. Monday through Sunday