If you like your interiors a little funky, then sit back, put your Austin Powers DVD on the telly and prepare for shag-tastic inspiration! Or read on!

Yup, today, we’re all about the ’60s and the ’70s and we’ve got great advice if you want to go retro. And forget about spending a fortune — with a C and J scheme you always get loads of bang for your buck.

>> Set your backdrop. Retro has loads of visual punch so paint walls a bright shade; fresh white latex is a great starting point and will “open up” even the smallest space.

>> Keep window dressing unfussy. Try simple white sheers and add “pops” of colour with rollers. If you want to shell out on gorgeous funky investment blinds try Hunter Douglas (hunterdouglas.com) or visit Ikea for more affordable choices.

>> Less is more. On this week’s show, rather than be too literal and floor everything — wall to wall — in shag, we used white Karndean flexible “planks” (visit karndean.ca for a free CD planning pack) to create a warm heaven for the tootsies. And to add texture? We added shag area rugs from Dominion (dominionrugs.com). Gorgeous!

>> “Low slung” rules! Choose Danish sideboards, teak coffee tables and even quirky beanbags!
The 1960s were all about serviceability and ease of maintenance so upholstery fabrics were often wipe-clean vinyl or leather. Popular was a primary palette of red, blue and yellow, but to mix it up a little, we took this week’s scheme in a slightly different direction.

Instead of “bright” upholstery we used a rich chocolate brown leather sectional from The Bay and brought it to life with zesty Hermes orange woollen cushions and throws. Remember — it’s all in the mix. Tip: “Period” artwork doesn’t need to cost a fortune. When cash is tight, a little creative thinking saves a fortune. To add a seriously original statement we bought a dozen clip frames from a dollar store, inserted orange cards in some and brown in others then positioned circles of orange or brown cards on their opposing colour bases. Arranged in a regimented line they look awesome and are reminiscent of statement wallpapers from the ’60s!

And our fave retro kit destination? Morba on Toronto’s Queen Street West — its stock of ’60s and ’70s paraphernalia is mind bending. We regularly visit to root out retro chairs and tables as well as a whole host of accessories.

Hit garage and yard sales and be amazed at some of the brightly coloured ceramics and glass wares that can be snapped up for just a few dollars each.

But you’d better be fast — “Mid-century modern” is becoming seriously hip. In the words of Austin Powers: It’s “Groovy, baby!” And in the words of Colin and Justin? It‘s “Pricier, baby … by the minute!” So get shopping … while there are still some bargains to be had!

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