Canadian Forces quietly scrambled an investigating team to the High
Arctic last year to look into what it considered a reliable report of a
foreign submarine sighting.


documents obtained under access to information laws, the newspaper says
the incident happened last August at the north end of Baffin Island
near the eastern entrance of the Northwest Passage.


documents show the sub was spotted by hunters who relayed the sighting
to the Canadian Rangers, lightly armed reservists who keep a lookout
for foreign intrusions.


The sub sighting happened only
kilometres from the location of a mysterious explosion that was
reported to authorities two days earlier.


Citing operational
security, the Canadian military refuses to say what, if anything, it
found last summer after probing the sub incident.

Huebert, associate director of the University of Calgary's Centre for
Strategic and Military Studies, says American, British, Russian, or
French subs might have been operating in the area.