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Milk bag program should be commended, not condemned

My reaction to this letter can be summed up in one word — “huh?”

Re: Letter: Is this old-fashioned approach still valid? (March 18)

My reaction to this letter can be summed up in one word — “huh?” This writer accuses the people involved in this project of being ignorant and not understanding the real situation when, in fact, I think the writer is the one that doesn’t understand the situation.

I will agree that increased consumption is a problem, especially in North America. However, I don’t understand the writer’s assumption that we will continue to consume more plastic as a response to recycling programs such as “milk bags for mats.” I think increased consumption is a byproduct of one’s selfishness (the more/new-is-better attitude) and not motivated by the downstream destinations of the items and their packaging.

I think initiatives like “milk bag for mats” are noble and creative ways of helping others and the environment at the same time and should be commended, not condemned.

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