The small community impacted by the death of seven-year-old Brandon Kruggel will bond together in this time of tragedy, according to a local psychotherapist.

A vehicle struck Kruggel Tuesday morning prior to him boarding his bus to school on a rural road southwest of Calgary. The teenage driver of the vehicle allegedly failed to stop for the bus’ flashing lights and passed the bus, hitting the boy.

Maver Eagle, with Master’s Counseling Services, said because of Millarville’s size, community members will be able to share their grief and express their sadness in a healthy way.

“They will come together and support the family,” Eagle said. “They’re also going to really support the young man that hit the boy — that is an equal tragedy. A young life has been ruined, and how the community handles the tragedy is going to have a major impact on this young man.”

Eagle said Millarville parents will likely take preventative measures to make sure a similar incident doesn’t happen to their child.

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