TORONTO - Toronto Mayor David Miller knows who he'd like to see replace him - his deputy mayor.

The outgoing mayor threw his support today behind Joe Pantalone, who's been running third in opinion polls behind front-runner Rob Ford and George Smitherman.

Miller says Pantalone's almost 30-year track record in elected office and record of achievements make him the right man to become the next mayor of Toronto.

He says Pantalone is the only candidate who can meet the challenges the city is facing head-on - including the need for public transit and investing in priority neighbourhoods.

Earlier, veteran city councillor Joe Mihevc said he's backing Smitherman as the only candidate who can stop the Ford juggernaut.

Mihevc - who is Pantalone's friend and left wing ally on council - says Smitherman gets the message about the importance of the arts and culture to a vibrant city.

Smitherman, a former deputy premier, says he believes it's time for the city to get its groove back.

He says Mihevc put aside partisanship and personal loyalties to endorse his campaign and has figured out that in this election, a vote for Pantalone is a vote for Ford.