A wind farm at Toronto Island Airport?


Mayor David Miller, who used his opposition to airport expansion as a springboard in his first election campaign, suggested yesterday that it would be a good place to generate electricity.

Speaking from Copenhagen where he is attending the climate conference, Miller said Toronto could get much more energy from sources like wind power.

Speaking to reporters by phone, Miller said he’s been impressed by the turbines he’s seen offshore between Sweden and Denmark.

“I can tell you all of the City of Calgary’s energy is going to come from wind by 2012,” Miller said. “If you can do that in the middle of oil country, we can do that in Ontario, and particularly in Toronto.”

Miller acknowledged that wind surveys have shown that other parts of the province probably have stronger, steadier winds that are more suitable for wind power. “But the wind turbine at Exhibition Place is near by a neighbourhood, and it’s beautiful, and I never get anything but compliments about it,” he said.