Mayor David Miller is shrugging off a national business magazine’s ranking of Toronto as the 85th most livable city in Canada, and taking a bit of a shot at top-ranked Ottawa-Gatineau.

Told about the survey by MoneySense — which ranked Canadian cities using factors such as house prices and unemployment, both of which helped push Toronto down six spots from last year — Miller asked a reporter: “Do you want to live in Ottawa?”

The mayor, being scrummed Thursday after his farewell annual speech to the Toronto Board of Trade, then paused and said: “People from around the world are moving to Toronto because it’s a great place to live,” with safe neighbourhoods and record TTC ridership.

Miller acknowledged he’s concerned about the cost of living and growing gap between rich and poor in Toronto. But he rejected the findings, which also put Kingston, Burlington, Repentigny, Que., and Brandon, Man., in the top 10.

“That may be that magazine’s opinion, but I think it’s not shared by Torontonians and it’s certainly not shared by the tens of thousands of people who move here every year.”

Another factor in Toronto’s lower ranking this year, the magazine said, is that some prosperous bedroom communities were, for the first time, not incorporated in Toronto’s score.