Mayor David Miller says he plans to become an adviser to the World Bank on cities issues after leaving office Nov. 30.

In an interview looking back on his seven years leading Canada’s largest city, Miller said he will be working with the president of the World Bank. The role will include compensation, but he said it won’t be his primary job, which has yet to be announced.

Miller said he will also continue his unpaid role working with the C40 Climate Leadership Group, an association of major cities fighting climate change. Miller chaired the group — which seeks to reduce emissions from fossil fuels — before handing the reins to New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg in September.

In terms of his legacy, Miller said that would be left for others to decide.

The outgoing mayor said he was proud of his achievements in public transit, particularly replacing the city’s outdated bus, streetcar and subway fleets, as well as spearheading Transit City.

On his watch, crime has gone down across the city, thanks in large part to the neighbourhood policing model and investments in priority neighbourhoods. And today, Toronto has become an environmental leader on the world stage.

Meanwhile, mayor-elect Rob Ford and his team have suggested Transit City, priority neighbourhoods funding and some of Miller’s environmental initiatives may be in trouble.