chris atchison/metro toronto


The atmosphere at Minibar is chilled-out, our columnist says.



107 Mutual St.


Ambience: Imagine walking into a friend’s pimped-out basement, but with a lot of alcohol and a more interesting mix of people, and you have Minibar in a nutshell. The patio area is so chilled-out that you might begin to doze once you take a seat. Although it’s tucked away inconspicuously on Mutual Street, this is a bit of a gem for those seeking a slightly funky, DJ’d atmosphere where pretension and hipster posing are not a factor in the enjoyment of an evening.

Crowd: Minibar draws a sizable student crowd due to its close proximity to Ryerson, but especially because of regular drink specials that go easy on a university student’s tight budget. The rest of the clientele is mainly composed of area regulars and those in the know who enjoy the intimacy of this very tiny space — the name Minibar is definitely literal.

Dress code: Avoid rolling out of your dorm room and into Minibar in pajamas and you should be fine.

Should I dance on the bar?: You could probably get away with it.

Will I get lucky?: It is a possibility, but don’t change your sheets in anticipation. Most that venture here are in for a night of relaxation rather than procreation (and yes, sometimes writers need to rhyme in their columns — even inadvertently — to amuse themselves).

Best accessory to avoid: Friends who have a tight schedule and need to be elsewhere, especially on cheap martini nights.

Cocktail du jour: Visit on Wednesdays for those inexpensive martinis. Cocktails are popular throughout the week, but beer’s also a big seller. Friday’s happy hour (5 p.m. to

7 p.m.) is a prime draw for cheap rail shots and domestic beer.

Hours: Monday through Sunday, 7 p.m. until close.