TORONTO - About 100 people on a Montreal-to-Toronto Air Canada flight had a scare today once the A-320 aircraft landed at Pearson International Airport.

While approaching Toronto, the pilot noticed an indicator light that signalled a hydraulic malfunction and alerted the airport the plane would have to be towed to the gate because of a steering problem.

The plane landed OK, but Air Canada spokesman Peter Fitzpatrick says while it waited for the tow a "haze" developed in the passenger cabin and flight crew decided to evacuate the aircraft. It's believed the cause was hydraulic fluid.

The 99 passengers slid down emergency chutes and were taken the short distance to the airport terminal by bus.

Fitzpatrick says six people suffered "mostly scrapes and bruises," and one man who was taken to hospital as a precaution with a sore back has been released.

Flight 433 landed at Pearson just after 9 a.m. ET.