A stay of proceedings has been granted in the disciplinary hearing of a Toronto police officer accused of conducting improper background checks.

Hearing officer Supt. Robin Breen ruled because the accuser failed to sign an original police complaint form and as the officer had already been punished twice “it would be pointless to continue these proceedings”.

“This is a travesty, a horrendous decision,” said Jeff Green after the stay was granted yesterday.

Det. Wayne Lakey was accused of improperly conducting background searches on Green when the two men lived in the same condo complex and Green was involved in a dispute with the building’s board of directors in 2005.

According to documents obtained by Torstar News?Service and evidence presented in the tribunal, the unofficial police computer searches had been conducted on Green by Lakey.

Lakey testified he had been reprimanded twice by his superiors and the hearing officer agreed that was enough punishment.

Although Supt. Jane Wilcox, who presided over the hearing last August, dismissed the defense argument that Green did not follow protocol when he initially complained to the internal investigations unit, Breen ruled the lack of a signature on the document was important.