Owner pays big reward to get best friend back



Tara Walton/torstar news service


Bert Clark plays with his dog Huckleberry yesterday morning at Ramsden Park. The two were reunited late Sunday evening after the dog was stolen last week.


The handover took place at midnight. Bert Clark waited on a dark city street, and then a cab pulled up. Two people emerged with a chocolate brown Labrador retriever.

Clark knew right away it was Huckleberry. The two went home reunited.

Clark, a 36-year-old Toronto banker, set the tale in motion late Saturday when he and friends began distributing some 400 posters offering a $15,000 reward for Huckleberry, stolen that morning from in front of a bakery near Yonge and Roxborough streets.

Huckleberry was "found" less than a kilometre away by a passerby taking a walk in the Davenport-Avenue roads area on Saturday, brought home to a friend’s house, and turned over to Clark Sunday night in exchange for the reward — $10,000 to the finder, $5,000 to a local animal shelter.

Police are continuing their investigation. "Hopefully, we can determine who actually stole the pet," said Toronto police Det. Rob Ermacora.

Torstar News Service


  • Huckleberry’s disappearance triggered a grassroots campaign in the city’s dog community to find the chocolate Lab, described as Bert Clark’s best friend.