Mayor slams slow federal funding

Mississauga’s mayor slammed the federal government yesterday for not making good on its commitment to fund a Bus Rapid Transit program in her city.



"I sit here frustrated that an announcement was made and we should be getting on our way, and yet there is nothing certain about it," Hazel McCallion said in a council meeting.


The so-called BRT project was one of several promised funding by Prime Minister Stephen Harper and Premier Dalton McGuinty in a big March announcement. Since then, she said, the province has come forward with its share, about $270 million, but "not a penny" has flown from federal coffers. A tinge of sarcasm in her voice, McCallion invoked "help from above."

"The only way I can think of how we can get this thing moving is we’re going to have to pray."

One holdup relates to the huge amount of red tape: The federal government has to sign separate agreements with municipalities.

transit plans

  • Mississauga’s BRT is part of a provincially planned rapid transit network that would provide exclusive lanes for GO buses and local transit.

  • It’s one of about 52 mass transit projects in the GTA included in a $17.5-billion vision for easing traffic congestion.