The Mississauga recount for Ward 1 has confirmed that Jim Tovey defeated incumbent councillor Carmen Corbasson, so there will be no dramatic shift of power away from Mayor Hazel McCallion.

The recount was called after a motion was put forward by outgoing councillor Carolyn Parrish at the last meeting of the previous council. Corbasson had lost by 129 votes to Tovey. The recount showed Tovey, who had been supported by McCallion during the election, did indeed win. The exact final number was still being tabulated, but city officials said if there was a discrepancy it was no more than one or two votes.

Tovey’s win along with that of Ron Starr, who defeated Parrish and was also supported by the mayor, marked a shift in support toward the mayor on key issues. Corbasson was one of the so-called group of seven councillors that had opposed McCallion throughout the previous term on certain issues, eventually bringing about the ongoing judicial inquiry into the mayor’s alleged conflict of interest in a land deal led by her son’s company.