Ryan Jessop is back in jail after being mistakenly released from custody.

Early Friday morning, police found Jessop at a Highland Park Drive apartment where he was taken back into custody without incident.

Sgt. Bill Morris said the drug unit had information regarding Jessop’s location and got a search warrant.

“Everything went smooth. They entered the apartment and Mr. Jessop was there,” Morris said.

“The officers took him into custody and returned him to the correctional centre.”

Jessop, a 22-year-old from Dartmouth, was accidentally released at Halifax Provincial Court Tuesday, just one day after officials discovered they had accidentally released another prisoner six days earlier.

That man, Chancelor Faulkner, was apprehended Wednesday and is also now back behind bars.

Jessop was released the same way as Faulkner. He was on his way to court for charges including possession of a weapon, uttering threats and extortion, and should have been sent back to Burnside jail.

But a clerical error led to his form saying he could be released.

Both incidents are being investigated and Nova Scotia Justice Minister Cecil Clarke said “appropriate disciplinary action will be taken.”

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