I have driven the future and it is quiet.

It’s generally believed the future is plug-in electric cars. But you don’t to wait for the end of the next decade to get one.

The Mitsubishi innovative Electric Vehicle or i-MiEV (pronounced I-My-Eve) is not a glorified golf cart but a true four-seat plug-in electric subcompact sedan that can travel up to 120 km and, if need be, 130 km/h on the highway.

It’s actually simpler to operate than a car because there's a lot less to worry about like a transmission, water and oil levels and temperatures, no emissions, and of course, no service stations.

As a true plug-in, it can be charged from any household 110-volt outlet in 14 hours and half that from a 220-volt outlet. If the owner installs a 200-volt three-phase quick charging machine, the i-MiEV can pack in an 80 per cent punch in 30 minutes.

What’s most surprising is how fast the i-MiEV goes. If you've ever ridden a streetcar, you know how quick it gets up to speed.

The 300-volt motor puts out 47 kW or roughly 63 hp. Yet it also produces 133 ft/lb of torque, more than a Honda Civic. At 1,080 kg (2,376 lb), it also weighs less than most compacts and a few subcompacts to boot.

2010 Mitsubishi iMiEV

Type: Subcompact sedan
Price: Not available
Engine: 300-volt permanent synchronous magnet/inverter (62 ho, 133 lb/ft)

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