Narayanni’s South African Cuisine
10131 — 81 Ave.
(780) 756-7112

Rating: **** 1/2
Price range: Mid
Signature Dish: Lunch Buffet ($12.99)
Time in: 11:55
Time out: 12:30

You gotta keep your ear to the ground to find the terrific new nosheries in this burg: a Facebook friend tipped me off to Narayanni’s. I am eternally in his debt for this find!

Two months ago, the former owners of Block 1912 started serving a South African twist on South Indian cuisine. The result is light on the sauces, heavy on the flavours and stealthy with the spices. The chafing dishes lined around the central station offer a range of foods that dazzle the imagination, with organic vegetables, free-range chicken and Alberta lamb featured prominently.

I paired my luscious cup of handmade Chai ($4) with a nibble of everything on the buffet, using the soft, pita-like roti as a utensil. I then returned for seconds of particular favourites: lamb curry, a couple of vegan options and the renowned lamb pies. Then I went back for thirds.

You will, too.