Tito Jackson claims Dr. Conrad Murray’s “panicking” helped cause his brother’s death, femalefirst.co.uk reports.

Jackson — who was devastated when brother Michael died of suspected cardiac arrest last month — accused the star’s physician of wasting vital minutes by not getting help quickly after he collapsed and stopped breathing.

He said: “My opinion is that he panicked when my brother didn’t wake up.

“I think the doctor probably figured he was in trouble and he tried to revive Michael. He did have a pulse but he couldn’t bring him back.

“But I believe if he had immediately called for help we might still have my brother here today, he would definitely still be alive.”

Tito also accused Murray of failing to carry out CPR correctly. It has been revealed the physician administered CPR on the dying star while he lay on a soft bed instead of the accepted practice of a hard surface.

Tito, 55, added in an interview on Spanish TV: “The CPR attempt is one of the things I noticed that was very strange.”

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