New Democrat MLA Spencer Herbert put a little heart into traditional politics when he unveiled a video yesterday campaigning for renters’ rights in the West End.

Stopping rent hikes and unfair housing policies are top priorities in his campaign.

“There isn’t a day that goes by without us hearing about people getting evicted, or having to leave because of rent increases,” he said.

We “Heart” West End, a 40-second video, was put together by Herbert’s team of artists and activists. It has been circulating over Facebook, Twitter and e-mail.

“We’re encouraging people to pass the movie along, to get others educated and active about the issue,” Herbert said.

Like himself, Herbert said that 80 per cent of West End residents are renters.

“It’s the unique mix of seniors, young families and others who make this community feel like a real home.”

For the May 12 election, Herbert has pledged a comprehensive review of the Residential Tenancy Act. He wants to prevent landlords from jacking up rental costs and “reno-victing” their tenants.

“Large management companies specialize in finding loopholes in the act to evict people,” he said. “It’s so easy to be abused as a renter.”

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