A member of the Alberta legislature who was booted from the government caucus for publicly criticizing the state of health care is rattling a legal sabre.

Dr. Raj Sherman says he is angry with what he calls a smear campaign against him and has hired lawyer Brian Beresh over statements made by some members of Alberta’s medical community. The head of the Alberta Medical Association has already apologized for asking colleagues to “look out” for Sherman’s well-being, who is also an emergency room physician.

Sherman contends it’s an attempt to discredit him as mentally unstable. Beresh told a pro-medicare rally in Edmonton Saturday that he has already written letters asking for apologies over what he says were defamatory statements.

“Dr. Sherman believes he became the subject of a whisper campaign, and then a public campaign to destroy his good reputation ... attack the messenger because the message is too uncomfortable,” Beresh said.

“As a result of what has occurred to Dr. Sherman, I will immediately commence an investigation into the events of the last 30 days to determine if there has been a conspiracy against my client.”

The rally where Sherman and Beresh appeared was organized by Friends of Medicare and many of the speakers, which included federal health critic Ujjal Dosanjh, expressed opposition to changes to the Alberta Health Act.

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