Four tenants have been evicted and another 15 are being told to move out of an East Vancouver building so the landlord can renovate — a move being called a “reno-viction” by NDP MLA Jenny Kwan.

The representative for Vancouver-Mount Pleasant said the real reason for the evictions is a desire to raise the rent ahead of the 2010 Olympic Games. “I came to politics as a housing advocate and it’s simply wrong for landlords to bypass the residential tenancy act.”

According to Kwan, the city has confirmed that no development permits have been issued for the building.

Ron Tran, one of the tenants who received an eviction notice at the end of February, said the landlord offered him free rent for one month if he leaves at the end of April.

“I really like the neighbourhood and rent is very affordable for me right now,” Tran said. “If I have to move, this is going to be stressful for me. I don’t have anywhere to go and I feel that the landlord is ripping me off. This is wrong.”