The 52 members of the Nova Scotia legislature will see a cut of about $2,600 from their receiptable constituency allowance over the last three months of the current fiscal year.

The decision to reduce the amount allotted in January, February and March by $865 each month was made today at a meeting of the legislature's internal economy board.

House Speaker Charlie Parker says the move provides the $130,000 in cuts required to members' expenses in order to meet the $200,000 in cuts set out for the current fiscal year by the Finance Department.

Parker says the money is typically used by members to pay for such things as part-time office help, office rent and advertising.

The board had to find the extra money when it only came up with about $70,000 in savings by discontinuing the $200,000 public fund for members technological purchases last month.

In September, the government also eliminated a $45,000 special payment to defeated and retired politicians while implementing a two-year freeze on salaries for sitting members.

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