The NDP said bringing to Canada the parents of a Chinese student murdered near Mission will renew discussions about extraditing her suspected killer from China.
It’s been almost six years since Amanda Zhao, 21, who came to British Columbia from Beijing as a student, was murdered.
Her boyfriend, Ang Li, is the prime suspect. He flew to China three days after her body was found.
NDP MLAs Jenny Kwan and Mike Farnworth said Canada has no extradition treaty with China, and the case seems to have stalled “between layers of bureaucracy.”
They’ve issued a letter of support so the family can apply for a visa and meet directly with Canadian authorities.
Farnworth said if other jurisdictions have made extradition agreements then one can be made in this case.
“This suspect is at large in part because of an inability to try to reach an agreement about extradition,” he said.
Zhao’s mother, Yang Baoying, wrote to Canada’s department of justice in 2007 and begged for answers.
“Everyday is a torture,” she wrote. “I beg you, tell us your agenda on this case ... Don’t make us wait forever.”

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