There were some drunk-driving charges but spring training basically was devoid of scandals this year, unless you'd like to count Manny Ramirez trying to sell a $4,000 grill on eBay for $5,000.


But, hey, that's Manny being Manny, as we've all come to know, and there's really no point in trying to tell the star of the Boston Red Sox that items tend to depreciate in value when they're used because, hey, it's Manny. And he's being Manny.


Oh, and Barry was being Barry at the San Francisco Giants' training camp, which means he was being snarly and ornery and generally uncooperative with anyone and everyone as he prepared for what we reckon will be the season where he seizes the record for perhaps the most revered accomplishment in professional sport—hitting the most home runs in baseball history. The question is, when Barry Bonds accomplishes the feat, will anyone really be cheering for him?


Oh, and Roger was being Roger, too, not showing up to any camp at all and, instead, staying in the limelight peripherally and repeating over and over that, by midseason, he'll join either the Red Sox, the New York Yankees or the Houston Astros.


Members of Canada's team, the Toronto Blue Jays, certainly hope the future Hall of Famer and Cy Young Award record-holder joins the Astros.

The Red Sox and the Yankees, see, are the Jays' main foes in the AL East. And the way the Jays see it, the Sox and Yankees already are good enough without Roger Clemens.

Can the Jays end their reign as AL East bridesmaids and finish atop the division this season?

A veteran AL scout doesn't think so, as you know by now if you read my Friday