Simon Bouchard and his friends have noticed a few more hairy upper lips in the city.

Bouchard and Brad Kinny are two friends dedicated to raising money by growing thick moustaches from now until the end of the month in the Movember Foundation campaign to change the face of men’s prostate health.

At the end of Movember, Gala Parties will be held across Canada in all major cities, including Calgary.

“If I can raise $1,000 I will throw a big party aside from the one hosted by the Movember campaign at Cowboys,” Kinny said.

Movember started in 2003 with only 30 people. By 2008, that number jumped to 173,435 and the campaign was able to raise over $52 million from family and friends donating funds to those growing moustaches.

“I have noticed that more Calgarians are growing moustaches this year as a fun and trendy way of raising money toward prostate cancer research,” Bouchard said.

The motivation behind the campaign was developed in Melbourne, Australia, when a group of men joked about 80s fashion and decided it was time to bring back the moustache.

They called themselvesthe Mo Bros, “mo” being slang for mustache in Australia.

According to Movember, the mission is to develop an exciting campaign that will change the way men think about their health issues.

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