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Male model Casey Taylor of Pontypool, Ont., has the chiselled cheekbones that are in demand.


Belleville’s Justin Vader typifies the slimmer, more androgynous model.

There are two types of male model: The classic sexy man and the gaunt androgynous boy.

The height requirements are fairly strict with 6-foot-1 being perfect, according to Norwayne Anderson of NAM Models. He represents Burlington tradesman Andrew Stetson, who appears in Calvin Klein’s Euphoria fragrance campaign with Natalia Vodianova. At 6-foot-2, a guy would be “pushing it for runway,” Anderson says. And 6-feet is on the short side, but not out of the question. However, Tara Lanoway, men’s agent at Elmer Olsen Models, has two models 6-foot-3. Alex Loomans is a “Prince Harry type” from Burlington, who appears in the current Polo Ralph Lauren ads. Casey Taylor, a 6-foot-3 native of Pontypool,

Ont., appeared in 25 fall runway shows in Paris, Milan and New York. His right-angled cheekbones and trademark freckles have also won him jobs with Levis and Diesel.

In terms of size, male models split into two clear “types.”

The classic man is a 40 regular to 41 large, with a 32-inch waist and 32- or 34-inch inseam. The gaunt boy type can range from 38 regular to 40 large with a 28- or 29-inch waist.

“These are the boys you see in magazines like Arena, Numero and L’Uomo Vogue,” Anderson says.

“They’re so different you tend to pay attention to them.”

Anderson says that even though a model appears huge in a photograph, they are actually quite “compact.”

“We’re talking 2 per cent or less body fat. When they take off their shirt, the body is ripped.

These guys, if they are not on a runway they are in the gym because they are the product and they have to ensure the product is of the highest quality.”

He also looks for high cheekbones, a classic nose, lighter eyes than hair, and full lips. “You want a really angular face with small, compact features so that when you light it in front of a camera, the angles pop.”