Model suites, such as this one, allow condo shoppers to get a taste of what living in a prospective suite would be like.


New home shoppers usually develop skills for reading floorplans, but envisioning the reality of a condominium suite from line drawings and renderings comes more easily to some than others.

That’s where the model suite comes in. Being able to walk through a completed, decorated, furnished model adds an interesting dimension to condo shopping. Visitors to the model can see, feel and experience what life can be like in the condominium they are looking at.

When you stroll through a model suite, you have the opportunity to see the finishes and construction quality that characterize the living spaces in the building. Remember that model surroundings are usually created by professional interior designers. Unless you are a decorator or designer, your suite will most likely not look the same. Even if you plan to decorate yourself, you can still get great ideas from the models, especially on how the space can be used.

Another benefit of touring the model suite is seeing firsthand the standard features, and some of the upgrades that are available. Reputable builders such as Monarch will clearly define which features are standards, and which will cost extra when you complete your colour selection. The builder has a responsibility to identify features, but it is also the purchasers’ responsibility to make sure that they understand what they get with the purchase price.

Condo shoppers will sometimes find two model suites to tour. Some condominium builders create one suite with standard features, and another as a showcase for what you can do with spectacular upgrades. We hear over and over again how this helps purchasers visualize what features are important to them, and what upgrades they might like to seriously consider. These might include items such as automated blinds or any number of luxurious appointments available.

Even those who can read a floorplan well may appreciate seeing in person how innovative designs actually lay out in reality. A model can show the benefit of something like a linear kitchen or an interior bedroom. Walking into a model that is a wide shallow design offers a chance to see the dramatic effect expansive windows have on the living space.

Although your own suite may look quite different in the end, the model suite is a great window on your new world.

Linda Mitchell is Vice-President of Marketing, High-Rise for Monarch Corporation. In 2005, Linda was presented with the coveted OHBA SAMMY (Sales and Marketing Member of the Year) award. In 2003, she received the Riley Brethour Award acknowledging outstanding and consistent professional achievement in residential sales and marketing. She can be reached at

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