TORONTO - A co-founder of the Ontario Autism Coalition says a Liberal member of the legislature told her she should have her aggressive autistic son jailed to get better treatment for him.

Susan Fentie-Pearce said that Greg Sorbara told her to either have her 14-year-old son Keith charged with assault so a judge could order treatment, or sign custody over to the Children's Aid Society.

"I was beyond stunned," the mother of four said in an interview Sunday from her home in Maple, Ont.

Fentie-Pearce, a nurse and Progressive Conservative supporter, said the former Liberal finance minister made the suggestions when she and her husband Ken had an hour-long meeting with Sorbara at his suburban Toronto constituency office on Friday.

Sobara did not immediately return emails and phone calls on Sunday.

Fentie-Pearce says her son has punched, kicked, knocked her down and pulled out her hair in "lightning quick" attacks over the last several weeks.

She met with Sobara to seek his help, hoping the Vaughan-King-Aurora MPP could help get her son immediately placed in an appropriate treatment facility.

Failing that, she wanted male staff placed in her home to deal with her son while he's awake, but such a step would cost her family as much as $42 an hour if they paid for it themselves, she said.

Her son has been on an emergency waiting list for a group home placement since January.

Fentie-Pearce said Keith, who is five feet five and 145 pounds, now weighs more than she does. He doesn't speak but types and uses sign language and is highly intelligent, she said.

He is on medication, but his aggressive behaviour recently escalated. At their home, her six-foot-two, 200-pound husband "can barely manage him when he's in a rage," she said.

"I am still in danger in my own home and so are my children and my husband," said Fentie-Pearce.

Fentie-Pearce contested but lost the Progressive-Conservative nomination in Sarnia-Lambton in 2007.

Sobara did not offer to make a phone call, write a letter or have his staff to look into other options, she said.

Laura Kirby-McIntosh, a co founder of the autism coalition also attended the meeting and expressed outrage at Sorbara's remarks.

"Jail is no place for a disabled boy especially one that can't speak," she said in an interview Sunday.

She contends Sobara made the suggestion several times during the meeting.

A Facebook page called "Tell Greg Sorbara his suggestion for aggressive autistic teen is offensive!" was created by the coalition. It had 229 members as of mid-Sunday afternoon. The group also issued a news release expressing outrage.

Parents of autistic children would be better off moving out of Ontario to other jurisdictions such as British Columbia, Pennsylvania, California or Massachusetts where better services are available, said Kirby-McIntosh, whose 10-year-old son is autistic.

Both women said the coalition presented a report with 44 recommendations on how to better serve those living with autism to the Ministry of Child and Youth Services in June.

But the coalition, which has been advocating on behalf of families since 2005, has not heard back from the government.